​​​​About Principal Tribe

Who Is Principal Tribe?

We are the place where principals connect. Connect to the latest trends in educations. Connect to each other. 

We publish, create, and support principals as they make schools better places for learning.

Principals Tribe Mission

To connect and amplify the voices of educational leaders.

Principal Tribe Vision

Principals Tribe will be a network of future-minded school leaders who create, innovate, and publish in ways that bring immense value to humans.

Our Values

  • Tribe: People like us are stronger together, create together, and shape culture together.
  • Reverberation: We believe in the idea that voices should be heard, and when so, positive change can result.
  • Innovation: We believe in the power of creative outlier thinking.
  • Belonging: Our essence is connectivity, we believe in the power of a network.
  • Empathy: We believe in the power of people, the reality of human struggles, and force of connectivity.

Discover the many ways you can be a part of Principal Tribe.

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