​​​​Written Proposals

Written Proposals

There are two simple steps to submitting a written proposal for publication at Principal Tribe:

  1. Apply here >> https://principaltribe.org/about/write/
  2. After receiving confirmation of your application, follow the submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

First time submissions can follow the publishing calendar. Custom submissions are allowable for returning authors.

January, February, March

April, May, June

July, August, September

October, November, December

How to Propose Your Work

Send your proposal as a Word Document or a Rich Text Format to admin@principaltribe.org with the subject line, “A GREAT PROPOSAL”.

What to Include?

In your email, please add these details:

  • A brief summary or brief bulleted outline.
  • A brief (<120 word) bio with 2-3 social media links
  • Disclosure of commercial products you’d like for us to include.

Final Steps and Publishing

After submitting your proposal, you will either:

  1. Receive an acceptance.
  2. Receive a revision.

If you receive the acceptance email, complete you draft and submit it via email. Principal Tribe will make the final edits, and you will be notified of the publishing date.

If you receive the revision email, complete the requested revisions and resubmit via email.

Returning Authors

After publishing your first piece on Principal Tribe, you will receive your own login and writing credentials. You have the autonomy to write on your own custom topics at your own pace. The benefits of a being a returning author:

  • You can embed your own YouTube channel in posts to gain more views and subscribers.
  • You can create without the hassle of managing your own blog or website.
  • You gain instant access to an audience of principals, teacher leaders, and educational leaders.
  • You gain the benefit of Principal Tribe marketing strategy and budget.

Need to Apply?

Submissions are only allowed after we receive your application. The application is a simple one-step form.

Discover the many ways you can be a part of Principal Tribe.

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