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Requirements: Submit your text-only proposal related to any topic from the Publishing Calendar below. Proposals are limited to 500-1000 words. Graphics will be provided for you if your proposal is accepted.

Publishing Calendar

January, February, March

  • January: School Culture (building relationships, casting vision, setting goals, PLCs)
  • February: High Expectations (closing gaps, academic support, teaching practices)
  • March: Instructional Leadership (coaching teachers, guiding teams, best practices)

April, May, June

  • April: Clear and Focused Mission (collective commitment, equity, school beliefs)
  • May: Opportunity to Learn (increasing school readiness, technology, personalization)
  • June: Monitoring Student Progress (feedback vs feedforward, formative methods, smart data)

July, August, September

  • July: Employees (Hiring, Back to School Orientations, Team Building)
  • August: Systems for Success (Getting Data Right, Lead/Lag, High Impact Systems for Improvement)
  • September: Instructional Best Practices (technology, teaching methods, learning strategies)

October, November, December

  • October: Leadership (Influence, Empowerment, Decision-Making)
  • November: Building a Collaborative Culture (Personalized PL, Shared Decision-Making, Goals, Teams)
  • December: Reflective Practice and Goal-Setting

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