Better By Accident?

My granddaddy used to say, “Tighten up every little chance you get. ‘Better’ doesn’t happen all by itself.” That’s probably true in all areas of life. But it’s especially true for school leaders. So here are three fundamental areas to help you become a better school leader. Communicate Effectively Effective communication is critical, both in… Continue reading Better By Accident?

Leading the PLC Journey at the District Office

School districts have the unique opportunity and challenge of educating the diverse population they serve. We know there is compelling research on the impact that professional learning communities have on student achievement. As a result, shouldn’t all school districts take on the challenge of doing this work at the district level to ensure all of… Continue reading Leading the PLC Journey at the District Office

Where Protocol and Restorative Discipline Intersect

Is there a highly effective middle ground between student management protocols and restorative discipline practices? We believe there is. And this middle ground is the key to making restorative discipline an effective approach in student management and social-emotional learning. What is Restorative Discipline? Middle Ground for Restorative Practices There was a recent solution published as… Continue reading Where Protocol and Restorative Discipline Intersect

Strategies for Increasing Parent Engagement

Principals and school leaders can work hard to educate students and build positive student programs, but parent support is critical in helping to drive successful schools. This is especially important at the secondary level: Parent engagement tends to decrease as students move from elementary to middle level and high school. Parent engagement begins with ensuring… Continue reading Strategies for Increasing Parent Engagement

Saying No to Learned Helplessness

Here’s the story of one school that was doing “everything” right but losing momentum. As an educator, coach, and consultant at CT3—an organization that provides professional development and teacher coaching strategies—I have traveled the country working side by side with principals who are passionate about improving their schools. To support these administrators and their tireless… Continue reading Saying No to Learned Helplessness

Principals, Teach Again!

Do everything you ask of those you command. —General George S. Patton  Should principals teach? The answer is found in another question… Do principals lead teachers? Yes. Then yes, a principal should spend time in classrooms applying a hand at the teaching craft.  According to the Rand Corporation, “Principals need skills that enable them to evaluate… Continue reading Principals, Teach Again!