Permission to Feel

PRINCIPAL PERSPECTIVES –  Beth Houf  –   Boy mom, middle school principal, passionate leader & learner, forever teacher. Currently serving at Fulton Middle School and Co-Author of Lead Like a Pirate. Permission to Feel Principal Perspectives #4, January 28, 2019 No one ever said that being a school leader was going to be a life filled… Continue reading Permission to Feel

Making Connections with Students

PRINCIPAL PERSPECTIVES Cathy Jacobs In this Principal Perspectives we highlight the inspiring actions of Cathy Jacobs, who currently serves as principal of Matzke Elementary CyFair ISD, which is home to just under 1,000 PreK-5th grade students. Mom of 3. Wife to a real life hero.  Making a Personal Connection Principal Perspectives #3, January 21, 2019 As a… Continue reading Making Connections with Students

Isolation and Leadership Coaching

First published in NASSP’s Advocacy Agenda: December 2018 Research tells us that school leaders influence student learning, the strength of the teachers, and the health of the school environment. And it is the principal who bears the responsibility for leading a school team through the difficult process of turning around a low-performing school. What research often… Continue reading Isolation and Leadership Coaching

Nothing Great Ever Came From Easy

PRINCIPAL PERSPECTIVES   In this Principal Perspectives, we highlight the ideas of Principal Michael Bostwick as he discusses the messiness of learning and growth. Michael is a dynamic middle level Principal with experiences in leading professional learning, PBL, STEAM, and makerspace.  Follow on Twitter @M_Bostwick or  LinkedIn. “Nothing great ever came from easy,” as Michael… Continue reading Nothing Great Ever Came From Easy

Teacher’s Toolkit for Data, Instructional Strategies, and Reflection – Print Page Instructional improvement cycle: A teacher’s toolkit for collecting and analyzing data on instructional strategies Region: Central Description: This toolkit, developed by REL Central in co… RT @audrafranklin: #Teachers: Check out this toolkit from @RELCentral @MarzanoResearch, “Instructional Improvement Cycle: A Teacher’s Toolkit for Collecting and Analyzing Data on Instructional Strategies” (2015):… Continue reading Teacher’s Toolkit for Data, Instructional Strategies, and Reflection

The 3 Misconceptions of Collaboration

A guiding coalition is formed, teachers are placed in collaborative teams, and the work begins. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, what often plays out is that the renewed enthusiasm is quickly eroded because educators charged with implementing the PLC process succumb to the misconceptions of collaboration. 1. Misconception: All Teachers Want To Collaborate 2. Misconception: Teachers… Continue reading The 3 Misconceptions of Collaboration

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How Evaluation Processes Induce Fear

Remember the old growth mindset? It’s about learning, growing, persisting through challenges. There are some pitfalls associated with evaluation processes that induce fear, rather than growth. In the two links below, you will discover: Culture is the hub of school improvement. Ways to avoid culture toxicity. Culture is the principals’ primary responsibility. How to overcome the… Continue reading How Evaluation Processes Induce Fear

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What is Your Why?

Many efforts at school improvement have been stymied despite the best intentions of those involved. Once schools are in the thick of things, and the change efforts schools are engaged in begin to inevitably face challenges and the initial excitement begins to wane, schools will be faced with a decision. Do we continue to push… Continue reading What is Your Why?

How Hundred Day Plans Sustain a Culture of Continuous Improvement

You’re feeling good – you have created demand for modeling your school as a PLC and have structures in place to answer the key questions. You are making progress along the PLC journey… Well, you think you are. Or perhaps your PLC is stagnant; you are not seeing progress or you are not sure about… Continue reading How Hundred Day Plans Sustain a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Turn Up the Heat

What does it mean to turn up the heat? What does it mean to promote growth on campus? In this article, Kyle McClure discusses six ways to be a catalyst for growth: Relationships Come First Visibility Matters How to Raise the Heat Leading with Questions Positive Peer Pressure Observation Leadership is inherently about change. CEOs… Continue reading Turn Up the Heat