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So many times teachers struggle to make meaningful real-life connections to their lessons. Students often become disengaged because the lessons is meaningless to them and their lives. But it’s not just the teacher’s fault. Sometimes it’s the course itself that needs to be meaningful.

Lessons in the picture above have instant and meaningful connections. Science, economy, teamwork, writing, and math are all included in lessons that focus on gardening.

And then there’s the engineering challenges, which often get pushed to the end of the year – for after testing. But they hold so much meaning for students.

And the world of business and entrepreneurship is usually a place reserved for a select few electives in high school, but why can’t it take centerstage in social studies, reading, and math classes. Kids love to create and be rewarded – which is what business is all about.

What other innovative ideas do you have for taking lessons from class to real life?

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