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Strategies using the What Work’s Clearinghouse practice guide Teaching Math To Young Children’s Recommendation 4, “Teach Children to View and Describe Their World Mathematically.”

Teachers should ask questions that require children to use math-related term to describe something. For example, asking, how can we find out? How many children are here today? How many snacks we need, et cetera, gives children the opportunity to communicate about a math strategy, and then to practice that strategy. Additionally, when asking open-ended questions, teachers can employ techniques to encourage math-related conversation. Before calling on a child, teachers might allow enough time for more than just a few children to think of an answer.

REL Central, Get the Full Transcript Here.

Source: ies.ed.gov – REL Central Partnerships Early Childhood Education Research Alliance Early Childhood Math Questioning Strategies This REL Central video focuses on actionable strategies to increase the quality of mathematics questioning in early elementary classrooms.

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