How Evaluation Processes Induce Fear

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Remember the old growth mindset? It’s about learning, growing, persisting through challenges. There are some pitfalls associated with evaluation processes that induce fear, rather than growth. In the two links below, you will discover:

  • Culture is the hub of school improvement.
  • Ways to avoid culture toxicity.
  • Culture is the principals’ primary responsibility.
  • How to overcome the affective barrier in evaluation systems.
  • Why evaluation systems stumble when attempting to grow teachers.

The Growth Problem – In this example, when teachers collaborate, the room goes silent when the principal walks in. No one expresses ideas no one questions anything everyone feels the sense of fear. When the principal lea…


School Improvement and Culture – Many teacher and principal evaluation systems are evolving more and more into growth vehicles. And that’s a good trend. However, there’s a major problem haunting evaluation systems. Evaluation system…


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