Keeping the Ball Rolling: Maintaining Momentum and Urgency in a PLC

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The generation of innovative ideas and practices are often propelled through attendance at professional learning sessions where engaging practitioners and experts share their knowledge.

Participants leave energized and excited; ready to get back to their schools to implement the new learning. All too often, without a systematic and consistent approach present within the culture of their schools, much of this enthusiasm diminishes when day-to-day obstacles arise.

Urgency in a PLC

Urgency creates action now. It’s focused on initiating the momentum for long-term initiative.

A quick lookup in Merriam-Webster, and we find the following:

  1. importance requiring swift action.
    synonyms: importance, top priority, imperativeness, weight, weightiness, gravity, necessity, exigency, seriousness.
  2. an earnest and persistent quality; insistence.
    synonyms: insistence, persistence, determination, resolution, tenacity, obstinacy, doggedness.

Systematic and Consistent PLC Approach

A systematic approach looks at each priority in terms of a series. It requires a series of consistent events to shift and craft culture changes.

For example, a 2nd-grade language arts team might be working on increase the reading abilities of their young readers. To create lasting change, the team must

  • commit to a set of actions
  • consistently implement those commitments
  • create systematic ways to evaluate their progress along the way

The same is true for developing leaders in a PLC. It requires consistency over time. Here’s a graphic that shows leadership development over a series of years…even decades.

“Age” or Years in Leadership Development

Urgency and Consistency in a PLC

Urgency is the spark. It gets the fire going. A systematic approach creates the consistency needed for lasting success. It is the fuel that keeps the fire burning.

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