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Dave Burgess and the Many Voices of Grit

 July 23, 2019

By  Vernon Wright

He’s known literally worldwide, and he’s a New York Times Best Selling Author, and let us not forget that above all he’s a pirate. On this episode, we welcome the one and only Dave Burgess (On Twitter: @burgessdave) to the set of #TheManyVoicesOfGrit with your host Vernon Wright (On Twitter: @TheWrightLeader) brought to you by @DisruptEDTV.

You’ll laugh, think, feel joy inside in your heart, and be inspired by Dave’s story.

As we say here on the show, “Many Voices…Many Faces…ALL Grit”. Share The Episode and Pay It Forward – Make a difference in the lives of those you love and colleagues you know will benefit from this information.

When you see something based on an outdated model, it’s time to disrupt it. @burgessdave

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About the author

Vernon Wright

A veteran leader, speaker, learner, dad, and educator approaching a decade and a half of experience in large urban school districts and has served as a teacher, teacher leader, campus administrator, and central staff leader. Vernon is a voice for the people and has an established following on Twitter (@TheWrightleader) with colleagues in education and business from across the nation and in other countries. He has a vlog of leadership videos addressing current trends and has a presence on Instagram and YouTube and knows that leaders must have authenticity as part of their core values. Vernon brings a unique style and combination of insight, experience, and humor to his audiences.


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