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Families and Community, What Strategies Do You Employ?

 November 15, 2019


A recent graphic shared by NASSP highlights some of the recent trends in education. A poll of 20 principals indicates that most principals use social media to build relationships with families and the community.

Here’s how the principals responded to the question, What strategies do you employ to help build relationships with families and the community?

  • 50% Social Media Outreach
  • 30% Parent Advisory Groups
  • 15% Business Partnerships
  • 5% Community Guest Speakers

Here are a few more ideas to engage the community in your school.

  1. Host curriculum nights that engage parents in the curriculum with the students as the guides.
  2. Send an email newsletter.
  3. Send a YouTube videogram.
  4. Engage with civic groups such as the Rotary Club, Scouts, Kiwanis, and recreational sports leagues.

How are you increasing engagement with the community?

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