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Online Resources to Help You Stay Close While Staying Distant

 March 20, 2020

By  Principal Tribe Editor

Digital, virtual, and online are where schooling is at right now. We’ve compiled a few online resources here to help principals, school leaders, and teachers.

Some of the online resources are free, some are online professional development, and others are online curriculum resources.

Online Meetings from Better Leaders Better Schools

There’s an entire category of resources at Daniel Bauer’s blog devoted to running successful online meetings.

Some of the topics include:

  • Five Fun Ways to Start an Online Meeting
  • Ten Ideas for Meaningful Conversations
  • Checklists and Templates for Online Meetings

You could use these resources to share with instructional coaches, team leaders, or specialists who are responsible for supporting teachers in an online environment.

Online Professional Development for Principals

Then there’s Principals’ Seminar with their newly released series of free webinars for school leaders. These webinars are really specific to the needs of successfully running a school, and they include:

  • Team Bring Forward System (a complete team management system)
  • Time Blocking
  • Meeting Deja Vu
  • Get The Gig

The webinars are all free and focus on how to run meetings, how to maximize your time, and how to lead with calmness and peace of mind.

Khan Academy with Courses

You might remember the Khan Academy with its endless stream of math tutorial videos. Well, Khan Academy has become so much more.

First is the addition of courses. That’s right. It’s not just video tutorials anymore. There are courses with a sequence, quizzes, and feedback for progress.

Then there are the expanded math videos. They’re not just Algebra anymore. They go all the way down to preschool.

Plus, there are courses for:

  • Science and Engineering
  • Computing
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Economics & Finance
  • Test Prep
  • College Prep
  • English Language Arts

It’s quite exhaustive. If you’re looking for a simpler online free curriculum to share with parents, check out the new Accelerated Institute of Learning.

Online Professional Development (Paid)

Here’s the big one. How will you deliver online professional development? Undoubtedly, you’ve been bombarded with emails from Solution Tree, ASCD, and others who’ve gone completely online with their PD offerings.

Strobel Education is a newer company that is offering four online courses for professional development and they’re providing deep discounts for PLC, team, and school purchases. Current course offerings are:

  • Genius Hour
  • Growth Mindset
  • Standards-Based Grading (Coming April 2020)
  • Trauma-Informed Schools (Coming April 2020)

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