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Principals, Teach Again!

 April 12, 2019

By  TeamTom Education

Do everything you ask of those you command. —General George S. Patton 

Should principals teach? The answer is found in another question...

Do principals lead teachers? Yes.

Then yes, a principal should spend time in classrooms applying a hand at the teaching craft. 

According to the Rand Corporation, "Principals need skills that enable them to evaluate and improve instruction, but many principals report feeling under equipped. They report needing coaching to help them evaluate teachers effectively and then provide teachers with honest and actionable feedback to improve their performance."

What better way to build empathy for teachers than to experience the classroom in the current milieu?

So next time you're about doing classroom visits, leave a note with the teacher:

"I really enjoyed watching your class! Would you mind if I taught one day? I wan​t to better understand the challenges you face. Thanks.

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Principals need skills that enable them to evaluate and improve instruction...why not sharpen the saw by teaching in a classroom? #edleadership

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