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How to Create Your Vision for a School

 March 31, 2019

By  Matt Foster

How to Create Your Vision for a School appeared first on mafost.com – There’s a difference between your vision for the school and the school’s vision. Both are important to a school’s success, but how do you create your vision for a school? One quick method is to start… (Read more)

Why is Vision Important?

It creates picture and direction to make change happen. When clearly communicated, it can inspire individuals and teams to commit and strive forward. A school vision is a road map for creating plans, setting goals, making decisions, and measuring progress.

It’s the map that helps a school achieve its mission.

What is the Purpose of a Vision Statement?

A vision statement, like mission statements, help to describe the school’s direction and defining purpose. A vision statement is different than a mission because it paints the picture of the school in the future. A mission statement describes why a school exists – what purpose it serves.

Vision statements are useless without aligned action. However, with alignment, vision statements can give direction for employee behavior and helps to provide inspiration.

Your Turn

What is your school’s vision? What is your vision for the school?

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Matt is an educator and creator of the Mafost Mashup school leadership podcast. He's also a writer, curriculum designer, and certified teacher/k-12 principal. Most importantly he's a dad.


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