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Beyond Zoom – 15 Tools for Distance Learning

 April 5, 2020

By  Principal Tribe Editor

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet – these tools have helped many teachers, coaches, principals, and students stay connected during our emergency distance learning with COVID-19.

But there are so many more tools that educators can use to simplify communication, engagement, and learning.

This list is adapted from and was first posted at readtheory.org.

  • Remind — A communication app that allows teachers to securely message students and their parents with important updates without giving out personal information 
  • ScreenCastify — Google Chrome add-on (extension) that allows teachers to record lessons on their device screens and then share the video to their students
  • Pear Deck — Google Slides add-on that allows teachers to make their GoogleSlide presentations interactive. Fantastic for presenting remotely because it gives real-time feedback while you advance through the presentation. 
  • Class Dojo — Communication and classroom management app geared toward younger students. It allows students to earn points but also creates a feed similar to Facebook that allows teachers to update their students’ guardians. 
  • Class Craft — Communication and classroom management app similar to ClassDojo geared toward upper-middle and high school students. Graphics compare to World of Warcraft making it a hit with the older age group. 
  • SeeSaw — Recording website that makes it easy to share videos with students. It allows students to create digital portfolios of their own learning. 
  • JamBoard — Digital whiteboard app that is shareable through the Google Platform. 
  • Glide — Create your own app that you can share with your students. Easily done through a spreadsheet. This would be great for uploading assignments. 
  • Skype — One of the most popular and well-known VOIP (Voice Over IP) solutions. Skype has a video conferencing feature that allows you to contact anyone with the app and a WiFi signal. 
  • Google Hangouts — Another Google product that allows you to video conference with your students by giving out a specific code. 
  • Playmeo — Interactive group games database. Groups are assigned by the teacher. This would be great to build class culture even though we are social distancing.
  • Post It — An app allows you to post digital sticky notes. This would be a great discussion board type activity. 
  • Flipgrid — Create short videos that will engage students with their learning. Students can then create videos to reply. You’re able to add stickers so the videos are more fun.
  • Insert Learning — An app that allows teachers to insert annotations in any online text. This would be awesome for text-based questions. Math teachers could also use this to insert equation steps.
  • Accelerated Institute of Learning — Online and self-paced inter-disciplinary courses for students with culminating projects. Courses are developed weekly and it’s free!

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