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Finland, Textbooks, and College Trouble

 August 8, 2019

By  Principal Tribe Editor

Here are the latest educational headlines and news worth reading.

Why Finland is Always on Top – Time and time again, American students continually rank near the middle or bottom among industrialized nations when it comes to performance in math and science. 

Are they cramming in dimly-lit rooms on robotic schedules? Nope. Stressing over standardized tests enacted by the government? No way. Finland is leading the way because of common-sense practices and a holistic teaching environment that strives for equity over excellence.

Looking Beyond the Textbook for Culturally-Responsive Curriculum – Recently, Education Week published an article describing culturally-questionable activities and language found in Studies Weekly, a social studies curriculum used by more than 13,000 schools…

Troubles with Colleges – Financially troubled colleges are ripping off veterans — with Betsy DeVos’s help.

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