Saying No to Learned Helplessness

Here’s the story of one school that was doing “everything” right but losing momentum. As an educator, coach, and consultant at CT3—an organization that provides professional development and teacher coaching strategies—I have traveled the country working side by side with principals who are passionate about improving their schools. To support these administrators and their tireless… Continue reading Saying No to Learned Helplessness

Principals, Teach Again!

Do everything you ask of those you command. —General George S. Patton  Should principals teach? The answer is found in another question… Do principals lead teachers? Yes. Then yes, a principal should spend time in classrooms applying a hand at the teaching craft.  According to the Rand Corporation, “Principals need skills that enable them to evaluate… Continue reading Principals, Teach Again!

April Chat Topic: Monitoring Student Progress

At #822Chat, we provide a different focus each month. This month, the topic is monitoring student progress. We know from the “effective schools research” that frequent monitoring of student progress is an essential key to effective schools. “Effective monitoring – that is, monitoring that actually leads to improved student achievement – must be defined as… Continue reading April Chat Topic: Monitoring Student Progress

5 Ways to Give Feedback

PRINCIPAL PERSPECTIVES  –  Todd Schmidt  –  Our featured principal this week is the principal and a lead innovator @harborviewelem. Proud husband and father to two beautiful girls. He earned his Ed.D at USC and serves as faculty @ChapmanU.  Five Ways to Give Feedback Principal Perspectives #11, March 25, 2019 In this Principal Perspectives, we highlight the… Continue reading 5 Ways to Give Feedback

Students, Relationships and Choices

PRINCIPAL PERSPECTIVES  –  Cristobal Saldana  –  Our featured principal this week is a  father of four, a life-long learner, an ND alumnus, EdD,  and Assistant Principal at Pflugerville High School in Texas.  Student Relationships and Choices Principal Perspectives #10, March 18, 2019 Children are sensitive and perceptive. They constantly process tone and nuance, both consciously and… Continue reading Students, Relationships and Choices

Why Do Principals Leave? Attrition and Turnover Research

Why is it that about 1 in 5 principals leave their school each year? What causes principals to leave low-income schools faster than higher-income communities? Why are principals leaving the profession? Here’s a research article you can download from the National Center for Educational Statistics. This discontinuity in leadership often impedes school success by disrupting… Continue reading Why Do Principals Leave? Attrition and Turnover Research

822Chat Guest Host, Chris Chappotin

Chris Chappotin is the principal of STEAM Middle School in Burleson, Texas. Join him and the 822Tribe for #822Chat this Saturday (3/16/19) morning at 8:22am CST and next Tuesday (3/19/19) evening at 8:22pm CST. Topic: Opportunity to Learn, for leaders.