Pensions, Cheating, and Undocumented Students (Legal Brief)

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This week’s legal updates include a Supreme Court’s relationship with school law, the attack on teacher pensions, cheating cases thrown out, and policy guides for undocumented students.

For One Supreme Court Justice, a Personal Connection to School Law

In a rare interview, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer reminisces about his father’s four decades as legal counsel to the San Francisco Unified School District.

Kentucky Teacher Responds to Pension Changes: The Teaching Profession Is ‘Under Attack’

Teachers nationwide are rallying together to command the attention of lawmakers around their most basic needs, writes Kentucky special educator Jessica Dueñas. Read more. How is your district maintaining an innovative response to decreasing pensions? How are you positioning your district to be a top workplace, not just a public institution?

Georgia’s Top Court Won’t Hear Appeals for 2 Convicted in Cheating Case

The Supreme Court of Georgia will not hear appeals sought by two former Atlanta Public Schools educators who were convicted three years ago in a district. Read more on the original post. Does your school have academic honesty pledges in place? These pledges are in addition to board policies.

California Unveils Policy Guide to Help Schools Shield Undocumented Students

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has released a policy guide for school officials that lays out how they can protect students from immigration enforcement on school grounds.

Undocumented students face embarrassing and uncertain policies in schools. Communities often are unsure the legal basis for their decisions. These school-aged immigrants who entered the United States without inspection or overstayed their visas and are present in the United States with or without their parents. What policies does your district have in place to meet the needs of these students?

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