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Let’s Make Our Mental Health a Priority

 October 11, 2019

By  Principal Tribe Editor


 -  Kristina MacBury  - 

She's a principal, author, coach, speaker, co-founder, and NASSP's Digital Principal Award Winner for 2018 for her outstanding leadership in the use of digital media to improve student learning.

Let's Make Our Mental Health a Priority

Principal Perspectives #15, October 11, 2019

Mental health includes our emotional, physical, and social well-being. It impacts how we think, relate to others, and act. In schools, mental health can determine how pressure is handled, how achievement is viewed, and the ways we process stress. Mental health is important for children of all ages and for educators too.

Educational leader Kristina MacBury recently led a discussion on Mental Health to help us, as educators, to make our mental health a priority.

Mental Health, A Priority in School

The Principal Perspective

We all have Mental Health. Be a positive force in yours and others to your best extent possible. Let’s make our Mental Health a priority.

- Kristina MacBury

A weekly well-being check-up can help you monitor your own mental health and wellness. Reflective questions could include:

  • How do I feel today, mentally, physically?
  • How did I sleep last night?
  • Is there anything I can improve?
  • How's my thinking today?
  • Where's my stress level?

Be Vulnerable and Build Skills

The Principal Perspective

Being vulnerable and sharing our struggles - it’s okay to not be okay...Educating our staff and students and providing opportunity and time to build skills.
 - Kristina MacBury

Being vulnerable is about taking the stigma and fear out of mental health. It's about being honest and talking through the issues with your staff.

Educating staff and students is about facilitating that conversation. Providing the opportunity and time. What actions can we take to help lead the way? Here are some ideas from NAESP:

  • Create a school-wide motto.
  • Make a daily announcement.
  • Provide presentations for the community.
  • Create a pledge drive involving staff, students, and community members.
  • Host town-hall style events featuring your mental health professionals.

Building School Happiness

The Principal Perspective

We also work on building our school happiness agency daily.
 - Kristina MacBury

We know unhappy schools are not great places to learn. Happiness isn't a pie-in-the-sky idea. It's a real part of your school climate.

It starts with leadership and moves into happy teachers (read more on how to be a happier teacher). Create moments weekly where teachers are connected, and encourage teachers to create these moments in their classrooms.

Create moments weekly where teachers are connected, and encourage teachers to create these moments in their classrooms. #WorldMentalHealthDay

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You can connect with Kristina on Twitter @MacburyKristina or on her website https://www.educate4hope.com/

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