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New National Poll Shows Voters Want Congress to Act on Early Childhood Education

 January 15, 2019

By  TeamTom Education

ffyf.org – According to a new bipartisan poll commissioned by First Five Years Fund (FFYF), voters say a divided Congress should have no bearing on lawmakers’ ability to pass meaningful legislation supporting early childhood education.

In fact, Democrats and Republicans alike expect members of Congress from across the aisle to work together to get things done—and investing in early childhood education opportunities remains a rare issue that has strong support across parties. First Five Years

Increase the child care tax credit to help parents better afford quality child care and ECE.
Ensure children start kindergarten better prepared.
A growing number of American voters say we need to do more to ensure children start kindergarten better prepared.
Access to quality early education.
Women and voters of color are most likely to say there is a lack of affordable, quality early education in their area.

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