Frustrated with Texas school finance? This is how revolutions start.

In Texas, everything’s big…even frustration with school finance. Governor Abbot has educational funding in his sights – so much so that he’s declared a state of emergency for education!

“Our mission begins with our students,” Abbott said concerning his legislative priorities. He cites two stats:

  1. only 40 percent of third-graders are reading at grade level
  2. less than 40 percent of students who take the ACT or SAT are prepared for college

“We must target education funding.” Gov. Abbot

The commission on finance reform is finalizing the 30 recommendations that will be passed to the state legislature, which is currently in session. In the list?

  • Merit pay for teachers: $100 million a year to school districts that want to develop their own teacher evaluation metrics and tie pay to performance.
  • Funding for dual language: $150 millions for Spanish, English, and dyslexia.
  • No extra special programs funding until programs are reformed. – School finance reform is critical this year, particularly for children enrolled in public school districts in Houston, Galveston and other communities that are forced to pay huge amounts of local tax.

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