April Chat Topic: Monitoring Student Progress

At #822Chat, we provide a different focus each month. This month, the topic is monitoring student progress. We know from the “effective schools research” that frequent monitoring of student progress is an essential key to effective schools. “Effective monitoring – that is, monitoring that actually leads to improved student achievement – must be defined as… Continue reading April Chat Topic: Monitoring Student Progress

822Chat Guest Host, Chris Chappotin

Chris Chappotin is the principal of STEAM Middle School in Burleson, Texas. Join him and the 822Tribe for #822Chat this Saturday (3/16/19) morning at 8:22am CST and next Tuesday (3/19/19) evening at 8:22pm CST. Topic: Opportunity to Learn, for leaders.

Professional Learning in 8 Minutes

“I am still amazed at how much I learn in 8 minutes and how refreshed and recharged I am as well as pumped for the next 822Chat.” – Cristobal T. Saldana The 822Chat is on Twitter and at http://822tribe.com/. Join in. Saturdays at 8:22am CST. Tuesdays at 8:22pm CST.

Early Childhood Math Questioning Strategies

Strategies using the What Work’s Clearinghouse practice guide Teaching Math To Young Children’s Recommendation 4, “Teach Children to View and Describe Their World Mathematically.”

Teachers should ask questions that require children to use math-related term to describe something. For example, asking, how can we find out? How many children are here today? How many snacks we need, et cetera, gives children the opportunity to communicate about a math strategy, and then to practice that strategy. Additionally, when asking open-ended… Continue reading Early Childhood Math Questioning Strategies

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