Where Protocol and Restorative Discipline Intersect

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Is there a highly effective middle ground between student management protocols and restorative discipline practices?

We believe there is. And this middle ground is the key to making restorative discipline an effective approach in student management and social-emotional learning.

What is Restorative Discipline?

What is Restorative Discipline?

Restorative discipline is a relational approach to addressing student behavior in ways to build a positive school climate and foster responsibility to the wider community.

What is Restorative Practices?

Restorative school discipline is comprised of principles and practices that support conflict resolutions and SEL through healing relationships and restoring damages due to inappropriate student behaviors.

Does Restorative Discipline Work?

Major studies were recently published that reveal school safety is a positive result of restorative discipline, but test scores and classroom management both decreased.

Middle Ground for Restorative Practices

There was a recent solution published as a part of a collaborative blog crawl.

In this recent collaboration, which included over a dozen educational leaders, four articles were published:

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